General controls
Press the F5 key on your computer to load the preview screen, or anytime you need to reload the video. If you experience an error, simply choose the UNDO option under the EDIT menu {shortcut is CTRL-Z} to reverse the last change (cause of the error) and then use REFRESH PREVIEW option under the VIDEO menu to reload the video {shortcut is the F5 key}.

Your keyboard's F1 key lists all of your hotkeys. The F2 key opens up your custom settings area.

Toggle boxes
The top section of VideoCleaner includes toggle boxes that are controlled with your computer mouse. When the box is checked, the denoted section becomes active and visible

Feature sliders
Each feature is controlled by a slider that can move anywhere from its leftmost to rightmost position. You can also use your mouse to drag the slider to a new position, or simply mouse click on the left or right arrow located at either end of the slider. On the left of the slider is a brief description, often followed by a default value shown within curly brackets. The current slider value is listed in blue to the far right of the slider. Mouse click on the number in blue to reset the slider back to the value from when opened your video or last pressed F5. In general, the leftmost position turns a feature off and rightmost turns it on.

Sliders that can only travel between of a value of zero (0) and one (1) mean that its leftmost position of zero turns the feature OFF, while the rightmost position of one activates the feature (e.g. List all active features (0)). If the slider offers multiple value options, then each value matches its place in a list. For example, the Compare Original to Enhanced (OFF / Side / Atop / Sweep) slider accepts values from 0 to 3, each representing a different feature option

Status Bar
The bottom bar of AvsPmod (the graphical interface of the VideoCleaner script) lists useful facts about the open video. The lower left corner shows the current frame number, and total frame count (e.g. 6 / 50 means you are on frame number 6 of a total of 50 video frames). This is followed by the playback time for the current frame, which is based on the video playback speed.

The right side of the status bar lists the width and height of the current video in pixels (e.g. 640x480), and is followed by the ratio of these numbers. The next number is the current playback speed in fps (frames per second), which is changeable using VideoCleaner. The last item is the current color space and VideoCleaner will attempt to maintain RGB32 to ensure maximum detail retention.

Playback bar
The playback bar is located immediately above the status bar with the standard playback controls. You can also use your computer keyboard to move through the video. The right arrow moves forward a single frame and the left moves back one frame. You can hold the arrow key down to advance rapidly in either direction. Use the up arrow to advance the video by one second of playback time, and the down arrow to move back by one second. The page-up and page-down move forward or backward by one minute of playback time. These shortcuts, and dozens more, can all be customized using the Keyboard Shortcuts option located in the Options menu