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VideoCleaner is relied upon by law enforcement and the forensic community. No matter how proficient you are, you can always learn new tricks and increased workflow efficiency. Training schedules are posted below as they become available.




AVFA Certification - Qualify as an expert

Clients, courts and juries give greater weight to those with certifications. Are you skilled at audio-video forensic enhancement and authentication? If so, validate your career knowledge and credibility with the industry's only certification covering those skills. The testing fee is only $100 (plus a nominal proctoring fee) and, if you have the mastery to pass, you will earn the prestigious AVFA letters after your name. Core competencies. Locate a convenient proctored TESTING SITE, and then call 800-288-3824 to arrange for ETA to deliver your AVFA test to them.



eForensics Magazine - Digital Video Forensics: Uncovering the Truth in a World of Distorted Realities

Video Analysis – Content Authentication – Tamper Detection. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals, technical, analysis, authentication and forgery detection of video evidence. 25 Continuing Education Units. VideoCleaner is covered as a content enhancement tool in chapter 4 ("forensic analysis of video evidence") of module 2, and as a tamper detection tool in chapter 2 ("Passive blind tamper detection") of module 4. LEARN MORE



Elite CEU - Video Forensics

A comprehensive self-paced VideoCleaner training and certification program for just $25. International CE (continued education) credits towards general education. State approved CE in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas. CE pending in New Jersey and Tennessee. LEARN MORE



VideoCleaner Certification

The VideoCleaner User's manual includes several tutorials to help you better understand the software's features and power, and each tutorial results in improved clarity. Post a message through the AVI's support group if you would like to be certified, and we will respond with a link to receive your tutorial results along with proof of your identity. Once we verify both, we will email you a personalized certification. As with everything VideoCleaner, this certificate is FREE.


VideoCleaner Training Videos (new features by version #)

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