We do NOT collect any customer information except for some anonymous web browser statistics.

VideoCleaner, and all of its included components, do NOT include any ad-ware, beggerware, etc.. of any type.

VideoCleaner is a local program and does NOT have the ability to communicate over the Internet, except for web browser shortcuts that can ONLY be activated by the user when that person wants an update or tutorial.

VideoCleaner runs in the AVSpmod graphical interface, such that exiting VideoCleaner (e.g. closing the interface) terminates ALL of its processing threads.


The user is in full control at every stage, even installation. Which is why the user is required to approve each installation and cross-configuration step. This is why the user must follow the installation guide.

The VideoCleaner source code is included for complete transparency and users are welcome to create their own custom versions.

The VideoCleaner script is written in plain English and always visible at the top of the program, so the user can examine how every command functions.

VideoCleaner, and its support programs, are placed in the C:\VideoCleaner folder, and are easily un-installed through the Windows Control Panel.


Or to put all this another way, VideoCleaner is intentionally designed to operate cleanly and anonymously on the most secure networks without any exposure to security threats. It is for this same reason that we know nothing about who uses VideoCleaner, or how it is being used, except for the great feedback that we receive.