VideoCleaner for Windows

Free Forensic Video Enhancement Software and tamper detection

Relied upon by forensic experts, law enforcement, and investigators worldwide. Developed by programmers from around the globe and presented by Forensic Protection. VideoCleaner is professional grade, cost-free, ad-free, and open source.

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This installation guide will automatically appear on screen once installation has begun, and it must be followed for VideoCleaner to function (requires 2 to 5 minutes). To update a prior version of VideoCleaner, run the installer but say NO to installing AVISYNTH and FFDSHOW to eliminate the need to repeat the initial configuration steps.

VideoCleaner User's guide PDF document

Current Version: 4.5

Moved Colorize. Improved speed & error
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Version history

4.5 - Moved Colorize. Improved speed & error
4.4 - Added Focus in Tools & Min/Max Analysis
4.3 - Added PsuedoColors test & ANALYSIS group
4.2 - Added DCT test to FORENSIC - Analysis
4.1 - Added Analysis {authentication} slider
4.0 - Added STABILIZE section
3.9 - New F2 hotkey to set User Preferences
3.8 - New hotkeys. Simplified installation
3.7 - Simplified using multiple files
3.6 - Process higher resolution videos
3.5 - Expanded TOOLS Contrast & Saturation
3.4 - Added Suppress & Reverse. Bug fixes
3.3 - Added Desequencer, XVID sample, Codec
3.2 - Expanded HotSpot filter
3.1 - Added Canny and Sobel edge detection
3.0 - Added EQUALIZER section. Improved error control
2.9 - Added Fileinfo and more edging in FORENSICS
2.8 - Added FORENSIC section to replace PRO
2.7 - Added Field alignment and Transparency slider
2.6 - Added settings logging and TXT file support
2.5 - Added SuperResolution and TimeStamps
2.4 - Added HotSpot suppression and logo remover
2.3 - Added Deblocker
2.2 - Added Resize and Duplicate frame remover
2.1 - Added Denoise, Lens deblur, Field shift
2.0 - Windows 32/64-bit version
1.2 - Added Colorize, PRO group, Metadata logging
1.1 - Added Color amplification
1.0 - Windows 32-bit only version
0.8 - Added automation features
0.7 - Added Curves and Histogram
0.6 - Official beta release version
0.1b- Limited alpha release version