List any active features
Slide to the right to see a list of all active VideoCleaner features.

All frames / mid frames / subtract
Slide to the left to leave the video alone. The center position limits the video to the middle 100 frames, useful for trying different settings on a slow computer prior to applying them to all frames. Use the rightmost potion to subtract the enhanced video from the original video, leaving only the changes, which is useful to ensure that important details were not accidentally suppressed.

Deactivate all enhancements
Slide to the right to instantly disable all enhancement changes. Changes to core Property settings, like resizing, frame ranges or playback speed, remain as configured.

Compare Original to Enhanced
Move the slider to the leftmost position to view just the video as it is being enhanced. The next position places the original and enhanced versions side-by-side. The next rightward setting places the original and enhanced atop each other. The rightmost position will show a single video that sweeps back and forth between the original and enhanced versions.


Tutorial video - basic Features

TOOLS This group is your primary tool box with corrections for lighting, color, artifacts, focus and hotspots.

EQUALIZER Improve the range of illumination with anti-banding to smooth the lighting level transitions.

CURVE Bend the illumination allocation range.

DEBLOCK Remove the tiling artifacts caused by over compression, with minimal smoothing of scene details.

FORENSIC Emphasize object edges, amplify or isolate changes, average away noise, and isolate iFrames.

ANALYSIS Test image and video authenticity with special filters that can detect content manipulation. The User's guide explains this section in great detail.

PROPERTIESTutorial video - Properties Features

CORE Change basic properties like volume, playback speed, and which range of consecutive frames to retain.

DUPLICATE Removes duplicate frames using a user specified threshold. There is even an option to automatically maintain the playback speed.

FIELDS Separate interlaced fields, nudge alignment and resize the resulting video back to its original size.

ANGLE Flip or rotate the scene as needed.

CROP Create a zoomed in view. Adjustments can be made by either exact pixel counts or percentages.

RESIZE Adjust video resolution or aspect ratio. Add SuperResolution to increase details.

DESEQUENCER Remove inconsistent or bad frames (e.g. sequencer, not pan-tilt-zoom video feeds).

STABILIZE Suppress camera movement and jitter.

CHANNELS Deactivate any RGB color channel, or convert the video to a gray-scale or negative.

SPECIALTYTutorial video - Specialty Features

VHS Repair the chroma, jitter and synchronization issues associated with digitized VHS recordings.

LENS Correct fish-eye and pin-cushion lens distortion.

VIEW Change the viewing perspective by setting quadrilateral coordinate pairs.

COLORIZE Adjust the RGB video colors. Includes strength and frequency controls.

FINALIZingTutorial video - Finalizing Features

ACCENT Add an adjustable oval or rectangle to the video and control its brightness and pixilation.

TEXT Insert custom text (set with F2 key) onto the video.

NUMBER Insert frame numbers onto the video.

TIMESTAMP Insert a time stamp onto the video








Final controls

FINAL Colorspace
By default, VideoCleaner operates in 32-bit RGB color space to preserve maximum details. At the completion of its processing, the resulting video can be converted to YUV color-space to create a more compact file size. You also have the option to blend the original and enhanced versions. This filter group will always be the last one listed